Calm in The Storm

I am very fond of dark clouds, and sky spit, also known as rain. The two have a special aptitude for forcing me into a state of healthy tranquility. It might just be because it gives me an excuse to carry an umbrella everywhere I go, and drink gallons of tea, but I like to think that there’s something deeper to it. The white noise of rain falling in puddles, the chilling gusts of wind, the rolling dark clouds, it’s fantastic. I understand those sheep that drown by staring in the sky during showers.


All of my favorite practices are enhanced by precipitation. Walking, drawing, reading, coffee shop going, and loitering all become significantly more enjoyable. Even things I don’t enjoy, such as driving, become at least somewhat enjoyable in the rain.


Admittedly, stuff like kite flying, sand castle building, and sun staring all become more difficult in the rain, but I can live without.

sand castle

Rain is a significant part of my ideal day. It goes like this, I wake up slowly to the steady light tap of rain on my bedroom window. I head to the kitchen and make breakfast and coffee with my beautiful wife, Chelsea, put on some Vince Guaraldi, and check my emails. Come afternoon, I’ll grab my umbrella and take a long walk to a coffee shop, where I’ll either sit and draw by myself, or do so while talking with a good friend. in the evening, I’ll head to a pub with Chelsea and some friends where we’ll talk, and laugh until fatigue drives us home.


I am rather fond of the rain.