Coffee and the Gravity of My Loins

I spill coffee. This is to my great shame, given my fondness for the substance. It seems almost impossible for me to have a dark, luscious cup of joe, with all of its alluring qualities, without clumsily splashing it across my nethers. It distresses me on multiple emotional, and physical levels.


It has come to my attention that if I am in sophisticated, or fancy attire, the likelihood of spillage increases exponentially.

At the McDonald’s before my cousin’s extravagant wedding. BOOM. Pants ruined.

A heated match of Hanafuda KoiKoi with my best friend in the Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge. Those pants were so fresh!

JUST FREAKING NOW! The spot is still damp, and the burn notable.


It’s probably a form of punishment for failing to tip at Dunkin Donuts. A curse put on me by those expectant donut people, requesting additional compensation for turning around, taking a single step, and placing a donut in a paper bag.


‚Ķ I’mma go apply to Dunkin.


Simeon C.


Concerning Inspiration

In my experience, inspiration is fleeting and unreliable. It comes in an instant, leaves the next, and never when you are seeking it. It only seems to show itself when I am in no position to act on it. Because of this, I am often forced to work independent of it, creating what I see as a heap of meaningless, uninspired palaver.


Not only is it fleeting, but it’s significance is completely contingent on the individual. A crudely drawn scene can communicate great significance¬† to me while only causing slight disgust in another; an animosity towards the misunderstood. A misshapen figure can be viewed as a mistake by the world, while it carries the weight of the world in the eyes of its creator. This, of course, is infuriating to creative individuals who want to share a moment of realization with others.


As far as pursuing inspiration goes, for me, it is most commonly found in music. Having no musical talent myself, I have great admiration for those who do, particularly for those who are willing to experiment and express themselves in new artful ways. It is while listening to such artists that I make, what I consider to be, my best work. Images that I can step into, feel their temperature, their motion, their smell, and their weight.



Simeon C.