Soul Mate

I am an avid believer that the idea of a “soul-mate” is complete malarkey. There is no one person who you will always feel love for in all circumstances and seasons of life.


Maintaining a romantic relationship, particularly after marriage, is hard work, and often insanely uncomfortable. There are times when the only reason you may have to “love” someone is that you said you would.

Given, there are often times when changes need to be made by one, or both parties, for a relationship to remain intact, but therein lies the  aforementioned hard work. You won’t just fit perfectly together like you were made for each other, and you definitely won’t stay a perfect fit. You have to fight for it.


When things just aren’t panning out; When the spark is gone and the embers are dark, GET MAD! Don’t get mad at your partner, but rather get mad at the absence of what could be. Love can be one of the most beautiful things we are capable of, and is well worth fighting for.


So go claw your way through the filth and find what was lost. It’s a pain, but the rewards are indescribable… And I don’t just mean “that”…

Note: All should be read in the voice of Cave Johnson

-for reference: Cave Johnson Lemon Rant


Simeon C.